What is FastPlant?

FastPlant is a software tool for the design and control of waste treatment plants that allows the quick calculation of main parameters.

Here you have some of the main features of our product.

Design and control waste & recycling plants.

FastPlant is a SaaS that automates and optimizes the engineering of the waste and recycling plants by performing multiple simulations to adapt to each typology of waste.

Make your own lay-out or let FastPlant choose for you.

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Simple and fast

You can build your plant in a simple way and test different layouts.

No experts required

Simple and intuitive, you don't need to be an expert to start designing.

Expert support

Our team will be happy to help you and support you in tailored projects.

All-in-one platform

Technical, economic, and sustainable viability promoting a balance between the parts.

Multiple simulations & project comparator.

FastPlant runs multiple simulations for different waste characterizations to ensure the best infrastructure design, providing key metrics in the early stages to improve decision making.

Keep the performance of existing facilities under control by monitoring the recovery margins for different input materials.

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Proactive study

Fastplant identifies bottlenecks and allows plants to achieve maximum performance.

Project comparator

Easily compare the results of several projects to set targets efficiently.

Forget obsolete databases

Keep up to date with new market demands and technologies

Operation module

You can check if your current plant performance is in OEE range.

Download deliverables in one click.

Download all the necessary documentation in editable format: layout, list of equipment, mass balance, energy balance, breakdown of civilworks, economic study, and a descriptive report of the facilities.

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Forget spreedsheets

FastPlant Integrates all the basic calculations you need to plan your plant.

Fast changes

FastPlant's algorithms allow a quick change of parameters.

Value to the team

We empower teams to focus on the value proposition rather than on easily automated calculations.

Editable documentation

All our docs are delivered in IS units and editable format.